Quick Tips You Can Use to Avoid Service Calls #1

You are surfing the web, minding your own business, and WHAM… this pops up and your computer starts yelling at you….

Don't click anything or call that number!!

Don’t click anything or call that number!!


Your heart starts to beat really fast and you try to decide what to do.  This is called Social Engineering. They use fear to get you to make a mistake. If you click the x, you most likely get a bug. If you click anything else, you most likely get a bug.  If you call the number and let them on your computer, you get bugs, stolen data, and lots of issues!  So, what do you do?

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. On your keyboard, press the alt, ctrl, and del (or delete) keys together.ctrl-alt-del-in-real-life
  3. Click on task manager
  4. Click on the offending browser
  5. Click end task.
  6. Close task manager
  7. Relax and go back to enjoying the internet

This scam catches a lot of people.Try a practice run on this tip and you will be ready to take care of this without incurring a service call!  Of course, if you need us, we are here to help!



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