Two New Issues That You Need To Know About!

AnnoyedTwo things were occurring in the last week that you need to know about. One is annoying, the other devastating!

First the annoying:  Many people had their email hiccup over the last week, sending them doubles of every email they ever got that was still on the server!  I have several email addresses. It seems to be most common with Comcast users but not necessarily on their Comcast account. Again, this is annoying, but not dangerous, and has been resolving itself after a few days.  The clean-up consists of cleaning up the double emails.

ouchThe second is a nasty piece of Malware called Teslacrypt3. This is a variant of the Cryptowall virus but different enough to be a nasty bugger!  If your files are encrypted with this, you have two options: Restore them from a clean, non infected backup or pay the ransom!  Some have paid the price, right around 400.00, to get their files de-crypted.



The lines of defense against this bug are:

  1.  Do not click on unknown links, especially in emails
  2. BACK UP YOUR FILES REGULARLY, preferably with an off-site, cloud based program
  3. Beware of links on Facebook.

If you get Tesla3, you will see a screen that looks like this:



It is so imporant to say this that we are going to say it again:  The only way to get your files back for this latest variant of the program is to restore them from a clean backup or pay the ransom.

If you find that you have come into contact with this piece of malware, give us a call at 508-246-1337.


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