Hacked vs. Spoofed and Why it is Important to Know the Difference


Some things Make you just want to scream!

You are on Facebook and you see a friend request from a friend you have known on Facebook for a long time. You are already friends. Why are they requesting again?

It’s not them!

They are being spoofed.  Their other account is still there, but someone has “friended” them, copied their Facebook page, and is now reaching out to their friends and trying to get them to “friend” the impostor.  The original account is not “hacked”. There is nothing that has been done to the original per se.  The new one is a fake and needs to be reported right away!  You can report them to Facebook and they will take them down quickly.

Why do they do this?  A great article is found here on Facecrooks. So if you see this, it is not a “hacked” account. The original friend who is being “spoofed” needs to simply report the issue, and go through their friend’s list looking for people who are not their friends or who are “spoofs” of their friends.

Another scam to beware is found here. Beware of pretty girls you do not know trying to befriend you.  Only friend people whom you know, and even then, be careful.

If you have been scammed or think you may need help, of course, you can call Joe at Marino Creative Technologies!