Beware of the Latest Scams to Infect Your Computer: 5 Phrases of Wisdom

malwarewarning Here is a rule of thumb:  When in doubt, DO NOT click an attachment or link.  Always be careful when you are sent a link, an attachment, or anything else via e-mail, text, or Facebook message.  Here are five pieces of wisdom for today:

Number 1:  Postal/Delivery Services do not send attachments.

Number 2:  Banks and Credit Card companies do not send attachments.

Number 3:  Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and E-Bay do not call you and ask to log into your computer.

Number 4:  If you do click on one of these items, call a professional to protect your data and your personal information

Number 5:  Be careful that when you search on a search engine, the link really leads you to where you want to go. Hover over it and see if the link makes sense.

Here is a great article about the latest scams with people pretending to be Microsoft representatives: Did you hover over to make sure that it is a Microsoft link?  I hope so!